In 2012, the Chronicle launched an internal startup called Vitae. The company intended for it to be a network for professionals in higher ed to build their career, discuss hot topics, connect with peers, and apply to new positions.
As with many products, the Chronicle sat back and observed post-launch to see how users interacted with their new product.
Flash forward to 2017. Research and observation indicates our users are here for jobs: to keep an eye on the market or to find a new position themselves. Vitae has had a few big features added, but the landing page lacks clarity around what Vitae can do for you as a prospective user.
The company decided to rebrand as “ChronicleVitae” to eliminate the confusion some users had after clicking “Chronicle jobs” as a result on Google and ending up on a site called Vitae. The Chronicle also wanted the same respect and professional recognition behind the Chronicle name to contribute to Vitae’s trustworthiness.

The transition from exploratory wireframe to launched, live product
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