Allow me to introduce myself — my name is Katelyn Caillouet.
Currently, I'm a User Experience Designer for The Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington D.C. Before I arrived at The Chronicle, I studied Industrial Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I fell in love with the connection between the physical experience and the user interface.

I’ve been professionally practicing design for 4 years. I enjoy constantly upping my game by surrounding myself with my intelligent peers in the DC design community at events run by organizations such as AIGA, UXPA, Refresh DC, and CreativeMornings.

I'm the founder/organizer of a small design-focused book club called District UX. We meet every other month to discuss user experience-related books and find ways to apply the book concepts to our own careers. If you’re interested in becoming a District UX member, drop a line here. We also have a Slack group where we discuss future books, upcoming meetings and general design banter.

When I’m not designing, I spend my free time biking, visiting breweries, practicing yoga, traveling, and drinking serious coffee (none of that K-cup stuff). I enjoy creating all kinds of art, including film photography and watercolor. I’ve tried my hand at stand-up comedy, where I learned that creating something humorous is the ultimate creative exercise and often requires more iterations than the average design process. This year, I'm taking a yoga teacher training course in Indonesia! Some may say I do too much. I say trying new things keeps life intriguing.

I’ve got a full-time gig at the moment, but if you’re looking to work together in the future, you can email me, follow me on Twitter, or browse my Dribbble reel.

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