Katelyn Vermeyen, Washington DC-based designer.


The Squier by Fender Tony Stark signature model is a branded electric guitar design. Through careful evaluation and study of the Fender brand, I chose to design a superhero-inspired guitar that could be easily incorporated into the Squier by Fender line. Squier by Fender also had an ideal target market for this youthful, edgy guitar. The guitar design draws aesthetic and emotive inspiration from the character Tony Stark’s alter ego, Ironman.

The guitar design itself is my own original design. I also crafted this fully-functional model, which uses Select by EMG pick-ups, Red Devil strings, as well as a black painted Squier headstock. The reverse-burst maroon and black finish was chosen to reflect the style of the Ironman suit.

This project was not sponsored by, nor do I claim any rights to Squier by Fender or Marvel’s Ironman. It was an educational branding exercise.

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Coffee Box, a material rescue project, is a coffee table design utilizing entirely recycled wood. With an open design, there is plenty of storage for books and other trinkets. Coffee Box is stackable, with 2 or more stacked high transforming the structures into a bookshelf. The design itself is sustainable and strong, because it utilizes finger joints as an attachment method.

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This Mindstorms robot was designed as a pageant-inspired toy for children ages 6-10 in a group interactive products project. Little Miss Mindstorms responds to you through sensor movements. She performs a pageant wave, “sings” and dances as her talent. Check out the video of Little Miss in action here.

(Source: behance.net)

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As a group interactive products project, Hike Track utilizes an arduino board and RFID tags in order to transform the hiking experience into a more interactive, safe, and enjoyable accomplishment that can be shared with friends through social media.

#hike track  #interactive products  #arduino  #RFID  #interface  #UX 


These fabric, magnetically linkable and foldable toys were designed and prototyped for my personal playful interactions project while on exchange at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


Family Match is a group service design project that I worked on with several Dutch students while on exchange with the Eindhoven University of Technology.

In a neighborhood dubbed the “Buurtzorg” in Eindhoven, NL, the young and the old are living together in close quarters. However, these neighbors have trouble uniting together for social interaction. Family Match aims to change that by pairing the elderly residents with a younger family in order to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

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